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Premiere April 2022 - LICHTHOF Theater

"Algorithmic Bodies" (AT), the new production of Hamburg based choreographer Marcelo Doño, is a post-digital multimedia dance performance situated at the intersection of virtual and analog worlds. It explores the fusion of bodies with technology in all areas of life, where information about ourselves is generated even while we sleep prompting us to consumption. Focusing on how this redefines our self-perception and sense of "hyper-connectivity".

The goal is to create interdimensional dance performance that invites the audience to engage with their relationship with technology. Asking: How deeply are we already rooted in this technological spectrum and what traces do our daily interactions with digital technologies leave behind?

Funded by:  Behörde für Kultur & Medien Hamburg

Task Area:

We are looking for a Hamburg-based MEDIA ARTIST to collaborate with and develop an AUGMENTED REALITY custom software to be used in combination with motion tracking devices (possibly IPads). This custom software will then be used live to interact with the two performers on stage.

Your Profile:
                        • You have knowledge in the field of: Open Frameworks, Blender, Unity, Shared                               AR Vision, Azure Kinect

                        • You are motivated, curious, and driven to explore new approaches in relation                               to dance, performance and technology aiming to create an immersive                                           experience for the audience and performers involved.

                         • You work well in a team and as well feel comfortable working alone


                         • 13.09 - 03.10.2021 and
                         • 07.03 - 31.03.2022

                         • 5 performances between 01.04 - 10.04.2022 at LICHTHOF Theater.

The research and development process will happen in and around those dates in common

Payment is following the fee recommendation of the BDFK.

Applications until the 30th of April to: marcelo.e.dono@gmail.com


Premiere 18./19.09.2020 - LICHTHOF Theater

„Grind Me“ is a multimedia solo dance performance centered on the digital “hyper-sexualized” body. The piece explores how this state affects movement, and the consequent emotional impact on the body through the exchange of amateur pornographic imagery.

Concept, Artistic Direction & Performance: Marcelo Doño | Videography: Larissa Potapov | Music: MICHAELBRAILEY | Coach: Fernanda Ortíz | Mentoring: David Bloom | Costume Design: Zoé Leduey | Lighting Design: Sönke Christian Herm

Funded by:  Behörde für Kultur & Medien Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Between Bridges Foundation & Rudolf Augstein Stiftung.



Short dance investigation upon the "urges" social media usage generates in our minds and how this affects our behavioural patterns.

Urban Impro 


Short dance improvisation.