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As part of the pre-production artistic research for a hybrid dance performance Marcelo Doño and team are looking for your personal experiences, stories and opinions around digitalization and post digital identity technologies. Participants can access a 15 minute SURVEY:

 Thank you for participating and sharing!
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This work was made possible thorugh DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz.

That lil White Dress

Movement research focused on the spectrum of queer bodies in dance. Seeking to deconstruct cannons of gender and hegemonial manlinesswithin movent structures. Bringing awareness to preset sociedical notions of being and seeking to tear it down.

This work was made possible by the program "Kultur Hält Zsammen" 

by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung & the Dorit and Alexander Otto Stiftung.


Premiere 18./19.09.2020 - LICHTHOF Theater

„Grind Me“ is a multimedia solo dance performance centered on the digital “hyper-sexualized” body. The piece explores how this state affects movement, and the consequent emotional impact on the body through the exchange of amateur pornographic imagery.

Concept, Artistic Direction & Performance: Marcelo Doño | Videography: Larissa Potapov | Music: MICHAELBRAILEY | Coach: Fernanda Ortíz | Mentoring: David Bloom | Costume Design: Zoé Leduey | Lighting Design: Sönke Christian Herm

Funded by:  Behörde für Kultur & Medien Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Between Bridges Foundation & Rudolf Augstein Stiftung.



Short dance investigation upon the "urges" social media usage generates in our minds and how this affects our behavioural patterns.

Urban Impro 


Short dance improvisation.